Q&A with Two-Time Cinch Timed Event Champion Paul David Tierney
Tierney talks Timed Event strategy in the Lazy E Arena.

Paul David Tierney has two CINCH Timed Event Championship buckles to his name in six appearances at rodeo’s ironman, and he grew up in a family that knows how to win in the Lazy E Arena. His father, Paul, has four CTEC titles to his name, and his brother, Jess, National Finals Steer Roping qualifier, has been a force to be reckoned with in CTEC competition as well. 

What is your worst event?

I’d say steer wrestling, but it’s still not too bad. It’s the one I don’t do a whole lot throughout the year so I’m not nearly as in-tune. I try to do all the other events as often as I can.

Who is your helper?

Jace Crabb will head and heel and Kody Woodward will haze for me.

What has been your worst wreck at the CINCH Timed Event Championship?

The first year I had a one. I was a little too anxious in the dogging and took a couple stumbles getting off. Ever since then I’ve been able to slow it down.

Why is the TEC important to you?

My dad did it since it started. I always watched it. It’s a real cowboys event and that’s why I like it.

 What did you do with the $100,000?

I bought some cows and calves and steers and paid a few things off I needed to.

What did you do to keep your cool when Trevor Brazile was hot on your heels?

I made sure I eliminated the mistakes I made. I wanted to keep things smooth. If I could stay with Trevor, I could stay ahead of him. I just wanted to go make my run and keep it smooth.

What’s your horse game plan for 2017?

I’m not 100-percent sure yet. I might ride a different tripping horse and a different heel horse. But if not I’ll get one of the old ones or find something else.

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