Rahlmann Leaps to No. 3 in Resistol Rookie Heading Standings
Coy Rahlmann jumped to third place in the 2020 Resistol Rookie heading standings after adding $3,766 to his season earnings.

Ellsinore, Missouri’s Coy Rahlmann, 19, made a bold move in the Resistol Rookie heading standings after adding $3,766 to his ProRodeo season earnings, moving him from eighth to third with $6,033.28 in total season earnings. 

He and heeler Ryan Von Ahn placed fourth at the Sac (City, Iowa) County Fair & Rodeo with a 5.1-second run, worth $872 a man; placed fifth in the average at the Dodge City (Kansas) Roundup Rodeo with an aggregate time of 28.4 seconds on three head, worth $2,439 a man; and placed fifth with a barrier in the final round, making their 5.4-second run a 15.4-second run, worth $455 a man. 

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“We placed at Sac City, which is usually just a small circuit rodeo for us,” said Rahlmann, who attends Cisco (Texas) Junior College. “Last year, it got nine teams and it got 50 this year. We went to Dodge (City, Kansas) and didn’t place in either rounds on our first two—just went and caught both of them. We came back last hole and I broke the barrier trying to max too hard to try and win the short round and win the average because we were last callback. There was only five catches. We were the fifth team in the short round and fifth in the average with a barrier. It was like everyone was snake bit after a couple guys didn’t do well.”

Rahlmann and Von Ahn’s dynamic partnership started from entering ropings and rodeos and has since grown into a family team.

“We had kind of entered a little bit and entered the US Finals one year,” Rahlmann said. “We knew each other, but not great. He lives in northern Missouri, so when I first started roping with him, it was four or five hours closer to our circuit rodeos. I would just stay with him and we got to be real close. Now we’re more like brothers than we are partners. We fight and throw buckets at each other and stuff like that.” 

Rahlmann started his PRCA career heading for Von Ahn in 2019 on his permit, which has taught him lessons as he headed into his 2020 Resistol Rookie season. 

“Last year was an amazing year,” Rahlmann said. “At first, we planned on just circuit rodeoing since it was my permit year. It taught me how to rodeo and how to enter. There was a lot of rodeos that I honestly didn’t do good at and then, looking back, it taught me that, if I would have just slowed down a little and did my job, I could have won a lot of money. I do think that as long as you do it right, your permit year will teach you a lot, especially if you’re roping with a guy that has done it for a long time.”

Rahlmann, who is currently third in the Great Lakes circuit, qualified with Von Ahn to rope at the RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo, which has moved from Kissimmee, Florida, to Greeley, Colorado, on Sept. 10–13, after winning their circuit in 2019. 

“It’s one of those deals where, last year, we were planning to just strictly circuit rodeo and try and win the circuit,” Rahlmann said. “We thought it would be so cool to go to Kissimmee. Ryan has made it a few times heading, so he was excited to make it heeling. Whenever we thought they weren’t going to have it, everyone was bummed. Now that they’re having it at Greeley, so it’s pretty exciting. It’s going to be tough to try and enter Fort Madison, Iowa, because that’s one of the last big ones for everybody, but especially us because it’s in our circuit.”

Rahlmann is heading on a 10-year-old sorrel gelding registered as Red Currys Boone (Charlie), who helped him secure the 2019 Great Lakes Circuit title, and has a 13-year-old sorrel appendix gelding, Talkin Bout Tough (Ammo), as his backup.

“I’m riding Charlie more,” Rahlmann said. “I bought him when he was 6. He wasn’t really green but he was still green enough. When I got him, I was still really green, too. We kind of learned the ropes together. We kind of came up together. He’s probably one horse that I can say will probably never leave my place.

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“The other sorrel is half thoroughbred, on appendix papers. I’ve always seen him and he would always score and it seemed like he caught up to the steers faster than anybody else at a roping.”


Resistol Rookie Heading Standings:

1. Britt Smith, $16,624.37

2. Tanner Tomlinson, $12,999.08

3. Coy Rahlmann, $6,033.28

4. Lathen Bryant, $5,119.72

5. Ryan Pope, $4,476.42

6. Jaxson Tucker, $3,614.63

7. Whit Harper, $2,891.67

8. Lane Stock, $2,556.53 

9. Kade Smith, $2,479.30

10. Zane Murphy, $1,799.53

Resistol Rookie Heeling Standings:

1. Clay Futrell, $21,508.51

2. Zak Dobbins, $7,047.87

3. Eddie Medina, $5,677.60

4. Blaine Courson, $3,313.29

5. Tanner McInerney, $3,161.11

6. Jared Fillmore, $2,995.56

7. Abdiel Zamora, $2,246.17

8. Joshua Smitherman, $2,246.15

9. Matt Schieck, $1,628.09

10. Jacob Goddard, $1,607.56

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