Resistol Rookie Race: Bray Moves to Third; Fuller and Williams Stay on Top of Leaderboard; Jones Moves to Fifth

With the 2019 Cowboy Christmas run underway, ropers in the hunt for the Resistol Rookie of the Year title are gearing up to make big moves in the standings in the next week. 

Texas’ Paden Bray, who is heeling for 2017 world champion header Erich Rogers, placed fourth in the average at the Rodeo de Santa Fe (New Mexico) with a 10.3-second-run, worth $733 a man. They also placed first in the second round with a 4.6-second-run, worth $1,013 a man. Then at the Strawberry Days Rodeo in Pleasant Grove Utah they placed fourth with a 5.2-second-run, adding $1,816 to each of their earnings. Bray is currently third in the Resistol Rookie heeling race with $11,030.39.

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Montana’s Kal Fuller is on top of his heading game. He and Kasper Roy tied Trey Gallais and Tee McLeod for second at the Guy Weadick Days in High River, Alberta with a 6.0-second-run, worth $1,654 a man. Then at the Wainwright (Alberta) Stampede they tied Kolton Schmidt and Jeremy Buhler for fourth in the second round with 6.2-second-run, worth $631 a man. Fuller continues to secure the number-one position in the Resistol Rookie heading standings with $17,192.66.

Utah’s Brodi Jones placed ninth at the Stawberry Days Rodeo with Braydin Evans. They roped their steer in 6.3-seconds, worth $419 a man. Jones is now fifth in the standings with $4,651.34.

Arkansas’ Heath Williams conitnues to lead the Resistol Rookie heeling race with $13,885.03 won. He and Clint Wallace placed fourth at the Mesquite (Texas) Championship Rodeo with a 11.4-second-run, worth $204 a man. 

Top 10 Headers:

1. Kal Fuller with $17,192.66

2. Colton Campbell with $11,691.63

3. Garrett Chick with $11,213.93

4. Lane Lowry with $5,503.03

5. Brodi Jones with $4,651.34

6. Clayton Eggers with $4,355.53

7. Cooper White with $4,044.27

8. Justin Farber with $3,893.17

9. Cody McCluskey with $3,686.98

10. Dillon Holyfield with $3,492.52

Top 10 Heelers:

1. Heath Williams with $13,885.03

2. Wyatt Hansen with $11,159.79

3. Payden Bray with $11,030.39

4. Michael Tash with $7,747.65

5. Brushton Minton with $4,787.96

6. Carson Johnson with $4,627.95

7. Jerren Johnson with $3,987.28

8. Carl Sweazea with $3,115.38

9. Ben Gambrell with $2,966.32

10. Peyton Leflett with $2,516.68

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