Kal Fuller
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Full House: Inside Look at the August 2020 Issue
The Score: Season 3, Episode 13 with 2020 BFI Champions Fuller and Ward
Fuller and Ward Best 140 Top Teams for $155K Wrangler BFI Payday
233 Fuller-Roy
Behind the 2019 Resistol Rookie Header of the Year: Kal Fuller
444 E Rogers-Bray
Resistol Rookie Update: Fuller and Bray Both In Full Pursuit for Resistol Rookie Title
Resistol Rookie Update: Heeler Bray Surges in No. 1 Spot, Fuller Pulls Away in Heading (Aug. 28, 2019 Standings)
Resistol Rookie Update: Fuller Pulls Ahead; Bray Widens the Gap
Resistol Rookie Update: Chick Challenges Fuller in the Heading; Kreutzer Makes Biggest Move In Standings and MORE
Resistol Rookie Update: Fuller and Bray Continue to Dominate; Chick and Hansen Steady at Number Two
Cowboy Christmas Resistol Rookie Results: Bray Banks $17,350; Fuller Stays in Number-One Position and More