Major Roll for the Minors: Casper Average Champs and Cheyenne Round 1 Win

Riley and Brady Minor have hit a lick mid-summer 2022 to keep them steadily in the top 10 in the PRCA World Standings.

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Riley and Brady Minor have hit a lick in mid-July, picking up the average win at the Central States Fair and Rodeo followed 12 hours later by the first-go win at the Cheyenne Frontier Days out of a tough 160 teams in slack.

They were 7.1 to win the first round by .7 seconds in Cheyenne, worth $3,490.40 each, and they were 9.3 seconds on two head to win Casper, worth $9,894 a man.

Brady Minor and Sug Cheyenne Team Roping Round 1
Brady Minor and Sug get down on their first-round steer at The Daddy of Em All to win the go. | Jamie Arviso Photo

The Ellensburg, Washington brothers are seventh and eighth in the World standings, respectively, with $60,369.55 won before Cheyenne money is calculated in.

“You know they say when you’re rolling you’re rolling—I’ve just never been on that roll,” Brady, 37, said. “Riley rode Jake Cooper’s new head horse [at Cheyenne] that he bought from Paul Griemsman, and we drew one of the best steers out of 160 head and caught him, so that was nice.”

Riley, 34, rode the 10-year-old gelding of Cooper’s named Streak at Cheyenne and his older back-up horse Tupac at Casper with his iconic RK Tuff Trinket (Bob) home with an abscess, Brady was on his trusty Leos Highbrow (Sug) at both places.

Here’s who made the cut in Cheyenne for next week’s performances:

(Note: Those who did not make the cut are running their second one as this is written Sunday July 17.)

Full Cheyenne Frontier Days Round 1 Team Roping Payout

Cheyenne Round 1 Payout Team Roping

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