Sikeston Jaycee Bootheel Rodeo Round One Break Down with Ryan Motes
Ryan Motes breaks down his round one win from the Sikeston (Missouri) Jaycee Bootheel Rodeo.

a) Loop

I was able to put quite a bit of loop on that steer. He was smaller and my loop went through there pretty big and came tight fast.

b) Steer 

That steer was pretty good. Some of the steers were really big over at Sikeston. We kind of had a smaller steer. We were about halfway down in that slack and the neck rope caught our steer on the first run and jerked him down. We were last out in slack that day and they brought that same steer back, so we kind of had an idea that steer was going to be pretty decent. That steer broke quick and clean.

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c) Coleman

Coleman blew right to him. He was able to stick it on. He had a pretty short loop right here. In this picture right here, I’m coming tight and Coleman is leaned back and looks like he’s about to start his face. He was able to go straight across the arena. We just made a nice, easy run and it was really fast.

d) Horse

That’s Rockstar. He’s pretty much good in every setup. He’s extremely fast and he can stop hard and finish well. He’s 16. He’s Starbucks’ little brother. He’s been what I’ve been riding almost all of the year. In that setup, knowing that steer for my horse was pretty good. I was able to stay back and not have to move the steer too much, let Coleman go do his deal and let me catch up really quick. He’s able to go from running to stopping and finishing really quick and really well.

e) Position

I followed everything through the turn. With the arena being a little bit narrow, I stayed back just a little bit. The steer kind of rolled around. My position was back and when I was getting in there Coleman was leaving with him. My position through the corner was very good. My position right here, as it’s coming tight, I’m able to see everything. That steer is going straight away from me and right here I’m starting to the horn.

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f) Setup

It’s kind of narrow. The arena is kind of funny because it widens out as the arena gets wider. As a header, if you come too much straight back, you can get hung up in the wall. Heeling—it runs you straight. Basically, the heel box is the right fence.

g) Left Hand

My left hand is pretty much straight square. Right here, I guess I’m in the transition of riding my horse and had my left hand to the left as I was coming through the corner to help my horse to the left a little bit. Right here, as I’m coming down with my slack I’m coming up with my left hand to help hold my horse square. As I’m dallying, my left hand is basically about where it is there, straight up above my horse’s neck.

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h) Mental Game

That was our first round at a tour rodeo. This was also Coleman’s and my last week of rodeoing before he stayed home with his wife and kids. Going into that week, we wanted to make sure we had as much won for Coleman as we could. Sikeston was a good rodeo. Going into any rodeo, you want to make sure you understand your job and understand what you’re wanting to do and then just focusing on executing it and not getting too caught up in stuff that you don’t need to get caught up in. 

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Ryan Motes

Ryan Motes


First round at the Sikeston (Missouri) Jaycee Bootheel Rodeo

Time: 4.5 seconds


Won the first round, worth $1,873 a man.

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