Soft-Ride’s Harrison Prepares for Wrangler NFR
Harrison prepares for his second trip to the Wrangler NFR.

Oklahoma’s Joseph Harrison has qualified for his second trip to the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo come December with header Chad Masters. Harrison banked $104,515.04 during ProRodeo’s regular season, putting him fourth in the standings. Harrison’s mare, Lula Dual, was also noticed for Reserve AQHA-PRCA Horse of the Year behind Jake Long’s back-to-back champion Zans Colonel Shine.

Kaitlin Gustave: What horses will you ride at the finals this year?

Joseph Harrison: I’ll probably start on Main Street Boon, it’s my older horse that’s 14. It’s the horse I rode at the Finals last year, mainly. The reason that I’d like to ride him there is because he’s really good in short, tight setups—he doesn’t mess up a whole lot. He kind of does some of it by itself. I don’t have to do as much riding. The other horse that I’m going to bring is the mare that won reserve for the Horse of the Year—Lula Dual. The first sign that it feels that I’m not liking it I’ll get on her.

KG: Lula Dual was awarded the Reserve AQHA-PRCA Heel Horse of the Year title. What does it mean to you to have your horse win that?

JH: It’s awesome. Every time we have a horse that lets us win we think it’s good, but just because it fits us good and lets us win doesn’t mean that other guys would like it. When we vote on them like that it kind of shows that the other guys like them too. It’s cool when the other guys like the horses that you’re riding.

KG: The Wrangler NFR is just two months away. Will you practice the Thomas & Mack setup at all before the finals?

JH: I think Chad does at his house. I’ll probably go down there a couple of times and practice with him like that—it’s what I did last year. I only went for one evening and one morning and roped with Charly (Crawford) last year before the NFR. I think it’s good to do that and set the arena up, especially for the headers. But for me, I don’t want to do that for my heel horses for a month straight just getting them wheeling around and throwing right there. I’d rather just have them schooled up and ready.

KG: How do you feel Soft-Rides help your horses?

JH: It’s just like you having a real comfy insole in your shoe all the time. With those long hauls you get to thinking about it and you get out of the truck and you’re sore and stretching. Just imagine them having that little extra cushion to stand on and how much better that is for them.

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