Spydr 5-Strand Rope from Classic Ropes

Classic Ropes upped the ante in team rope innovations with the all new five-strand Spydr head rope. The Spydr is the next generation and latest addition in Coretech technology from Classic Ropes.

“I’ve had nothing but good feedback,” said George McQuain, developer of the new rope for Classic. “They last long, they’re extremely fast. Some of our three-strand endorsers wouldn’t use four-strands because they felt like it wouldn’t snap shut, that curl would just kind of hang right there. They say that these just snap shut and they’re really fast.”

The makers claim that the Spydr five-strand weave packs more material in a smaller diameter for a feel like nothing else. It’s made of five strands of twisted nylon engineered around an oversized core.

“I handle all the endorsers for the company and I get a lot of feedback from them,” McQuain said. “We developed the Heat because they wanted more body to their rope, something with more snap to it. Certain people liked the Heat, but they said they wanted a little more tip weight, but they didn’t want to lose that small size. Myself and Dallas Clay got together and said, if we had a five-strand, we could get more weight and still keep that size. We did a lot of testing on it and played around with the size. It turned out we can get a small rope, but it has the tip weight and it still keeps its body. I’d say it’s a hybrid between the Heat and the Powerline Lite. It has the body of the heat, but the tip weight of the Powerline Lite.”

Most ropers’ first question about the rope is whether or not it runs on the horn.

“They’ve held up great in that respect and done really well,” McQuain said. “They are smoother, and logically you’d think that would happen, but JoJo LeMond, Travis Tryan and Derrick Begay all used them at the Finals and that first run JoJo made at the Finals, he threw everything. The steer was going right and his horse was going left and they won the round. So, if it works on that kind of run, it works on anything. I think that rope won five or six rounds out there.”

Classic also introduced a new five-strand calf rope called the Viper.

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