StepnSoak Hoof Soaking Alternative

StepnSoak is a newly-developed hoof soaking “boot” option to facilitate the task of soaking hooves prior to any hoof treatment.

StepnSoak was designed to merge the best of existing procedures into one safe, quick, easy “one piece, one step” hoof soaking solution. It’s made of durable soft matte vinyl similar to IV bag material and is 14″ wide, 21″ tall and has two 18″ flexible soft vinyl ties attached to either side. The 14″ width opens wide enough to accommodate any size hoof and is designed to slip on your horses leg, crisscross the attached ties and safely secure to the leg prior to a soaking or icing session.

StepnSoak was designed with heat sealed construction so it will not split, rip, tear or break. StepnSoak is safe, convenient, horse and horse owner friendly and—although very durable—is also disposable, coming four to a box for only $23.95 per set.

For more, visit By spring StepnSoak will be available nationwide.

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