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Team roping gear and horses—made by team ropers for team ropers. Learn about the tools of the team roping trade.

Kaleb Driggers and Andy Holcomb roping a steer at the 2023 Royal Crown in Buckeye, Arizona.
Joining Forces: How Driggers and Holcomb are Taking the Rope Horse Industry by Storm
When Kaleb Driggers entered the rope horse futurity scene, he turned to California horse trainer and former ARFA World Champion Andy Holcomb.
Steer sitting in the chute getting the horn wrap taken off.
Make Your Steers Last Longer
Troy Shelley of Shelley Productions lists five ways you can make your cattle last longer.
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5 Roping Fundamentals to Teach Children, with Kory Koontz
Kory Koontz teaches children the fundamentals of roping, saving them headaches for years to come.
Equinety and Trevor Brazile Announce Long-Term Partnership
Equinety and Trevor Brazile announced a long-term partnership that will target the health of the rope horse industry.
Kaleb Driggers and WSR Hesa Alive at The American 2023
Kaleb Driggers Shifts into High Gear Aboard Transmission
Approaching 20 years old, Transmission is still showing other head horses how it’s done, winning $100,000 with Kaleb Driggers astride at The American Rodeo.
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American Military Celebration
Crawford, along with the AMC board of directors are working to expand their programs and offer new opportunities for these servicemen and women. On Sunday, May 22, 2022 that went into full effect when they hosted the first-ever United We Brand event.  

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