Texan Shank Edwards Prepares for 2018 CINCH Timed Event Championship

Texas’ Shank Edwards prepares for another trip to the Lazy E Arena in Guthrie, Oklahoma. Edwards won eighth last year with 481.1 seconds. He also won the fifth round with a 58.7 seconds on five head, worth $3,000. The calf roper and team roper will do battle come March 2 for his first CTEC title.

KG: What horses are you going to be riding?

SE: I’m going to take Einstein to heel on and a horse named CD to head on. I’ll rope calves on Barney. CT to steer rope on and Lizard to bull dog on.

Courtesy Lazy E Arena

KG: Which event is your worst?

SE: It would be the bull dogging—absolutely.

KG: Have you had any wrecks?

SE: No, I haven’t, luckily. 

KG: Who is going to be helping you?

SE: Dakota Kirchenschlager will be helping me.

KG: What do you do to prepare for this event?

SE: Yes, I mentally try to practice the events that I don’t do every day. I have been really trying to work on the bull dogging more than usual.

KG: Do you have a really memorable year from the CTEC?

SE: Not any one in particular. It’s just a fun place to be able to go do all the events because you really don’t have a chance to do it anywhere else.

KG: Is there any advice you would give to the Jr. Ironman Contestants?

SE: Just don’t get in a rush. Just go out and try to accomplish all of the events and don’t hurry in one of them. 

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