The Legacy of the USTRC CINCH Ladies High-Money Award
With the move to Fort Worth came changes to the all-girl program, but the legacy, prestige and support from CINCH for the program remains the same.

When it comes to women’s roping, the past few years have been big. But when it comes to the USTRC and CINCH, women’s roping has been an endeavor worthy of the spotlight since 2004.

“When we first started working with the USTRC and they were going to have the All Girl, we wanted to add something to it,” explained Jessica Wahlert, marketing manager at CINCH. “So, we added $1,000 on each side to the champions, and then a year’s supply of CINCH clothing.”

According to Wahlert, her company, which originally sponsored the program with their Cruel Girl brand, recognized something special about the women’s roping event, and didn’t want to miss the opportunity to align with it.

“Obviously, the money that the USTRC brought was big, but we wanted to put something extra in the pot and give those girls something extra to go for. Most of the time, those girls have kids and family and people supporting them and rallying around them. We think it’s a really unique event for us to get behind.”

Toole Hangs onto No. 1 During December Shakeup of the Cinch Ladies Standings

When the company transitioned their sponsorship from the Cruel Girl brand to the CINCH brand in 2018, it was to better cater to the needs of the female athletes and best-in-class competitors.

“For women’s clothing, especially for those that are competitors, while we all want fashion and style, we for sure need durability,” Wahlert said. “Because they’re probably up early in the morning taking care of the horses. Sometimes, they’re taking care of kids and then getting on and competing themselves, so, we felt like we’ve always tried to stay in that niche market for our women’s line, of durability mixed with style. When we [went] from Cruel Girl to CINCH Ladies, we really found ourselves just in that sweet spot of making sure that our jeans are still in that durability and function category.”

Durable clothing for a durable program, which recognizes and awards the women on each end who earned the most money throughout the USTRC roping season—just one more change that Wahlert sees as staying aligned with the needs of and opportunities available to lady ropers today.

“In this Western industry, there’s so much more than just one event to go after. There are so many big team roping events and so many new opportunities and big paying events for girls who rope. CINCH is proud to partner with the USTRC to be a part of that tradition and to support the women whose goals include winning the USTRC CINCH Ladies High-Money Award. It’s a big deal.”

2021 Cinch Ladies High-Money Award

Per the USTRC: For the award in April 2021, winnings will be counted from USTRC Signature Events beginning Aug. 22, 2020 through March 31, 2021. Also included are any winnings at the USTRC Finals in April. This will determine the winning header and heeler to be announced at the conclusion of the Finals event.

What You Need to Know About the Cinch USTRC National Finals of Team Roping 

USTRC CINCH Ladies Standings Top 10 (as of 3.1.21)

Rank/ Winnings Roper Home Town

1. $5,905,  Sarah Toole Rydal, Georgia

2. $4,000,  Jamie Townsend Aztec, New Mexico

3. $3,515,  Cassidy Boggs Stephenville, Texas

4. $3,330,  Madison Haley Canyon, Texas

5. $3,255,  Kim Duncan Cleveland, Tennessee

6. $2,960,  Holly Ricken Boone, Colorado

7. $2,850,  Quincy Sullivan Peralta, New Mexico

8. $2,630,  Maddie Johnson Montgomery, Alabama

9. $1,995,  Ryleigh Parker Hayesville, North Carolina

10. $1,765,  Kayla Morris Pima, Arizona 

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