The Score’s Season 2 Kicks Off Jan. 24 with Spencer Mitchell
Spencer Mitchell joins The Score host Chelsea Shaffer on the podcast's Season 2 Opener.
Original Publication: Jan. 23, 2019

The Team Roping Journal’s hit podcast “The Score” launches its second season Thursday, Jan. 24, 2022 with two-time National Finals Rodeo header Spencer Mitchell. 

“The Score” is The Team Roping Journal’s semi-weekly podcast, highlighting the team roping industry’s top talents and influencers through stories that inspire and connect ropers. Host Chelsea Shaffer sits down with ropers from the professional ranks as well as industry icons and producers to delve into topics that make the team roping world tick. 

Mitchell’s interview kicks off the second season of The Score, which has found its footing as the premiere place to hear the real-life stories of the team roping industry’s top cowboys, cowgirls, producers and horses. Season 2 will feature even deeper interviews, story telling and issue-based coverage.

On The Score, Mitchell discusses the early days of his career with friends Broc Cresta, Russell Cardoza, Justin Davis and Jade Corkill. 

“For all of us, it was really good,” Mitchell told Shaffer. “We all went together, I think it was 2005, Justin, Jade and I all went to the Junior World together. Just the three of us with a stock trailer, 17 years old, headed to Oklahoma. There were a great group of us. All of the heelers roped so good. I was kind of the only real header in the group, so I dang sure got to turn a lot of steers.” 

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Mitchell talks about how his friendship, partnership and loss of Cresta still affects him in nearly seven years after Cresta’s untimely passing. Mitchell named his son, who is almost 2, Broc. 

He also talks about his 2018 partnership with Clay O’Brien Cooper.

“His attitude, never getting rowelled up whether you’re up or down, made my temper better,” Mitchell said. “That helped me keep a little more level head when things don’t go right.” 

Season 2 of “The Score” will also feature interviews with ropers like Dustin Bird, Drew Horner, Cesar de la Cruz and more, as well as regular appearances by World Series of Team Roping and USTRC leaders Denny Gentry, Karl Stressman and John English. 

“The Score” is available wherever you listen to your podcasts, and episodes of “The Score” release every other Thursday, while “The Short Score,” The Team Roping Journal’s news podcast, release every Tuesday. Stream anytime, from anywhere! TRJ

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