The Team Ropers Going for $60K at the 2022 Women's Rodeo World Championship

With its last stop complete at the Amarillo All-Girl Roping, the final list of Women’s Rodeo World Championship Qualifiers has been determined.

With less than two months remaining until the 2022 Women’s Rodeo World Championship on May 16–18, the WRWC Qualifier Series concluded with the Amarillo All-Girl Roping on March 18.

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In the Open division, Beverly Robbins and Jessy Remsburg dominated, each winning three of the six events. The ladies only secured one position to the WRWC but have both come out dominating the leaderboard. Robbins leads the heading standings with an impressive 8,447.25 points, while Remsburg is holding the No. 1 position with 6,959.5 points in the heeling.

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Jimmi Jo Montera, who boasts two Qualifier Series wins, is in the No. 2 position on the heeling leaderboard with 6,087.75 point. Montera is also seated in the No. 23 position in the heading leaderboard with 689.75 points, giving her a total of 6,114.5 points and a seat at the top of the All-Around race above Lari Dee Guy, who has accumulated 5,574.10 points in the heading, heeling and breakaway roping.

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Here is the finalized list of cowgirls going straight to the Qualifying round in Fort Worth.


Kenlee Tate / Kersti Passig

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