The circuit standings saw few shifts after the Fourth-of-July run and moving into the summer. 

The three circuits with the most changes were the Badlands Circuit, the Montana Circuit and the Texas Circuit in early July.

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Badlands Circuit

Nebraska's Cooper and Tucker White made moves in the Badlands Circuit after adding $2,270 to each of their earnings. 

The duo tied for fifth at the Killdeer (North Dakota) Mountain Roundup PRCA Rodeo with Charly Crawford and Logan Medlin and Cyle Denison and Lane Mitchell with a 4.9-second run, worth $2,165 a man. They added $105 to each of their earnings after tying Coy Rahlmann and Ryan Von Ahn and Wyatt Imus and Joseph Harrison for 10th at the Mandan (North Dakota) Rodeo Days. 

Cooper is currently second in the Badlands Circuit heading standings with $4,718.86. Tucker is jumped to fourth in the heeling with $2,270.16.

Montana Circuit 

2019 Resistol Rookie Header Kal Fuller, from Bozeman, Montana, is number-one in the Montana Circuit with $4,528.60 in PRCA circuit earnings. 

Fuller and heeler Reagan Ward, who as a team recently won the Bob Feist Invitational at the Lazy E Arena, tied Jaguar Terrill and Tyler Whitlow with a 5.4-second run at Big Fork (Montana) Summer ProRodeo, worth $1,416 a man. 

Montana's Shawn Bessette and Matt Robertson, who are roping as a Montana Circuit team, won Rodeo Roundup (Montana) with a 4.6-second run, adding $1,363. This win bumped Bessette and Robertson to fourth in the Montana Circuit heading and heeling standings.

Texas Circuit

Texas' Ty Arnold and 2020 Resistol Rookie Heeling contender Eddie Medina made the most of their Fourth run in Texas. 

They won the Belton (Texas) CoC 4th Of July Celebration & PRCA Rodeo with a 4.8-second run, worth $1,159 a man and tied Jake Clay and Martin Lucero for first at the Mesquite (Texas) Championship Rodeo with a 6.2-second run, worth $611 a man. 

Arnold is 27th in the Texas circuit standings with $2,085.14 in earnings. Media is 20th with $3,012.70. 

Current Circuit Standings Leaders: 

Badlands: Jade Schmidt, $5,455.85; Dustin Harris, $5,455.85

California: Pat Boyle, $6,763.89; Jared Hixon, $6,763.89

Columbia River: N/A

First Frontier: Eric Fabian, $2,131.18; Derek Carey, $2,131.18

Great Lakes: Payden Emmett, $2,848.20; Cody Andrews, $4,447.14

Maple Leaf: N/A

Montana: Kal Fuller, $4,528.60; Ryan Zurcher, $2,795.99

Mountain States: Garrett Tonozzi, $6,502.08; Joe Roderick, $2,916.82

Prairie: Andrew Ward, $7,507.77; Brye Crites, $5,955.05

Southeastern: Clint Summers, $11,514.57; Britt Bockius, $10,683.19

Texas: Dustin Egusquiza, $16,734.01; Junior Nogueira, $15,648.39

Turquoise: Erich Rogers, $6,619.94; Logan Medlin, $7,133.89

Wilderness: Hagen Peterson, $2,946.90; Jace Nielsen, $2,946.90

Mexico: Jorge Hawkins, $546.06; Miguel Valenzuela, $1,011.23