Top 5 Resistol Rookie Headers, Heelers
These Resistol Rookie header and heelers are entering the 2023 summer run at the top of the standings.
Pictured are some of the top 5 in both the Resistol Rookie heading and heeling. Photos courtesy of the PRCA.

The summer run is off to a strong start, with the No. 1 Resistol Rookies on the heading and heeling side averaging $21,219 in earnings with just under four months to go in the 2023 season.

Two men will be crowned Resistol Rookies of the Year—an honor that often bodes well for a strong roping career. These are the top five Resistol Rookies as of June 7, 2023.


No. 1 Cole Thomas

Courtesy of the PRCA.

Hometown: Emelle, Alabama

Age: 24

Partner: Clay (Marshall) Green

Earnings: $22,184

Fast Fact: Thomas—who was the Resistol Rookie Roundup Champion with Kaden Profili—is currently sitting No. 2 in the Southeastern Circuit with $10,505 earned.

No. 2 Cutter Machado

Courtesy of the PRCA.

Hometown: Santa Maria, California

Age: 23

Partner: Dalton Pearce

Earnings: $11,338

Fast Fact: Machado is attending Cal Poly University while rodeoing on the California Circuit.

No. 3 Tyler Jackson

Courtesy of the PRCA.

Hometown: Salem, Arkansas

Age: 29

Partner: Josh Hamby

Earnings: $8,736

Fast Fact: Jackson is rodeoing on the Great Lakes Circuit with the goal of making the 2024 NFR Open. He says if his and Hamby’s summer goes well, they’ll push harder for the Resistol Rookie race.

No. 4 Chet Weitz

Courtesy of the PRCA.

Hometown: London, Texas

Age: 22

Partner: Cutter Thomison

Earnings: $7,691

Fast Fact: Weitz has taken some time off due to a shoulder surgery but plans to make his comeback at the Reno Rodeo in Nevada June 16–June 24, 2023.

No. 5 Tate Schmidt

Hometown: Barrhead, Alberta, Canada

Age: 22

Partner: Kagen Schmidt

Earnings: $7,564

Fast Fact: Schmidt is staying close(r) to home and rodeoing on the Maple Leaf Circuit.


No. 1 Clay Clayman

Courtesy of the PRCA.

Hometown: Highlandville, Missouri

Age: 20

Partner: Dalton Turner

Earnings: $20,255

Fast Fast: Clayman, who is the 2022 Junior Ironman Champion, has Dalton Tuner on the heels. Turner headed for 2022 Resistol Rookie of the Year Runner-Up Blaine Tuner. Now, Clayman and Turner are hitting up the Great Lakes Circuit while trying to break into the top 40 in the world to get the invitation to the bigger winter rodeos for 2024.

No. 2 Kaden Profili

Courtesy of the PRCA.

Hometown: Jacksonville, Texas

Age: 21

Partner: Ty Arnold

Earnings: $17,788

Fast Fact: Profili earned the 2023 Resistol Rookie Roundup Championship, and ropes for Trinity Valley Community College in Athens, Texas.

No. 3 Cutter Thomison

Courtesy of the PRCA.

Hometown: Hermleigh, Texas

Age: 22

Partner: Chet Weitz

Earnings: $15,318

Fast Fast: Thominson rodeos for Western Texas College in Snyder, Texas.

No. 4 Landen Glenn

Hometown: McAlester, Oklahoma

Age: 19

Partner: Kreece Thompson

Earnings: $12,765

Fast Fact: Glenn recently tied for third at the Old Fort Days Rodeo in Fort Smith, Arkansas, winning $2,140 a man.

No. 5 JR Gonzalez

Hometown: Maypearl, Texas

Age: 20

Partner: Bubba Buckaloo

Earnings: $11,196

Fast Fact: Gonzalez and NFR header Buckaloo picked up a second-place check worth $1,767 a man at the Crossett Riding Club Rodeo in Crossett, Arkansas.

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