Top Hands: From High Call, Crawford and Stahl Win Another Wildfire Ladies Only Title

WPRA legends Jackie Crawford and Annette Stahl win $7,380 for roping four steers in 32.13 seconds in Hamilton, Texas' Circle T Arena at the Wildfire Roping.

In a short-round stacked with talent from top ropers from across the country, record-setting WPRA World Champions Jackie Crawford and Annette Stahl came from high back to win the roping and $7,380.

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Second-callback of Kaylen Helton and Kelsie Chace put the pressure on with a 7.78-second run, but Crawford and Stahl fired back with a 7.21 to win the roping.  

Crawford and Stahl’s short-round 7.21-second run to win the Wildfire Ladies Only. Olie’s Images

I’ve won it three times, all with Annette,” Crawford said. “For years the Wildfire was the biggest paying all-girl roping ever. It was the most anticipated event of the year that I can remember when I started team roping. Not only the roping, but even the social gathering! It’s where all the best open guys and the best ladies came together at the same place.”

While Crawford has three Wildfire Ladies Only titles, Stahl has five. TRJ

Full Results: 

1. Jackie Crawford and Annette Stahl, 32.13 seconds on four head, $7,380

2. Kaylen Helton and Kelsie Chase, 32.88 seconds on four head, $5,060

3. Hope Thompson and Whitney DeSalvo, 34.53 seconds on four head, $3,460

4. Tara Hill and Rylie Smith, 40.06 seconds on four head, $2,460

5. Jessi Everett and Whitney DeSalvo, 41.60 seconds on four head, $1,900

6. Erica Lozares and Marissa Boisjoli, 43.02 seconds on four head, $1,500


1. Tara Hill and Rylie Smith, 32.31 seconds on three head, $1,500

Short-Go Fast Time: 

1. Beverly Robbins and Aspen Dent, 7.24, $500

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