Trevor Brazile’s Advice to Junior Ironman Hopefuls
23-time World Champion Trevor Brazile advises kids who want to compete at the Timed Event on strategy and horses.

Trevor Brazile isn’t just the best all-around cowboy in history. He’s also the most strategic man to ever play the game, whose relentless pursuit of perfection in three events in PRCA competition has set him apart in ways we can’t yet understand. His mental strategy keeps him at the top of his game, and this year he shares that with those 10 kids competing for Jr. Ironman gold worth $20,000 at the Lazy E Arena March 3 through 5. 

Andrew Hancock Photo Courtesy Lazy E Arena

What should Jr. Ironman competitors know about horses at the Timed Event?

You want something really forgiving there. You approach that event a little bit differently than a junior rodeo or anything like that. It doesn’t seem like you need to be as aggressive. It’s all about controlled speed at the Timed Event. If you want to take an extra swing, you want to make sure you have a horse that will allow you to do that. You don’t need to be 7 in the practice pen in the calf roping or 3 in the team roping before you head there. 

What is your strategy going into the Timed Event?

My strategy sounds like it will contradict my horse advice. Don’t pass up a throw, but don’t take a dumb one, either. You’ve got to trust yourself to know that your highest percentage shot won’t be two swings over their back. Take what you consider your highest percentage shot and trust that the whole time.

What advice do you have for the ropers competing who don’t necessarily bull dog regularly?

Really concentrate on the catch in the bull dogging. Don’t get fancy with trying to sling them out of the arena. You can’t afford to slip a horn.

Why is an event like the Lazy E Arena’s Jr. Ironman important to the future of all-around cowboys?

I think it’s outstanding. It seems like it’s really hard to work multiple events in the PRCA, and this is one of the most important events at keeping the multi-event culture alive. Even when I’m not competing, I find it really cool to go see all these guys and how well rounded they really all are outside of their specialty events. The Lazy E has been really instrumental in keeping that part of it alive in keeping people more diversified in just being a cowboy and giving multievent guys to something other than the all-around to look forward to.

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