Undeniable: Minors Rebound with Round 6 Win
After a flag that left the internet abuzz with controversy in Round 5, the Minor brothers put an exclamation point on their win in Round 6.

Brady Minor wasn’t taking no for an answer in Round 6. 

After his panty-hosed Round 5 steer slipped into a leg before the flag fell, Brady gave an extra bump on the pullback when his brother Riley spun their steer in Round 6, stopping the clock in 4.0 seconds to take home their first $26,230.77 a man paychecks of the rodeo, and their first since 2017.

“I was upset last night,” Brady said. “Then I looked back at the video this morning, and everybody on Facebook and this and that thought that we should have had a flag coming. He just held it for a long time, and then he flagged it, and right when he flagged it, I had a pantyhose and it was over the hip, and…it came down to one foot. It looked like by then he should have gave me a plus-five. This morning, I can see where he’s coming from. It was just a bad luck deal…It’s over with.”

Riley and Brady Minor got redemption in Round 6 with a 4.0-second run after a leg cost them big in Round 5. Jamie Arviso Photo

“I was coming for some revenge a little bit from last night,” Brady continued. “And jumping up in the average, if we can continue to knock the next four down, it will help tremendously.”

Riley, for his part, was finally satisfied with the way his run came together.

“I finally got a real good start,” Riley, who’s been to the big show 10 times, said. “I’ve kind of been a little bit off the barrier. It just felt really smooth, and everything just came together good right there.”

The Minors are now third in the PRCA world standings with an identical $160,533.56 a man won on the year. They’ve now won $62,884.61 in Las Vegas and are fourth in the NFR average race at 28.40 seconds on five head. 

“The NFR is halfway over and we’d only won $26,000, (plus the $10,000 every contestant receives to start the NFR),” Brady, in his 11th trip to the NFR, continued. “The goal out here is to win a lot of money, and that’s how we make a living. We have families and we’re spending money left and right. So if you have a bad NFR, it sets you back a year.”

Brady Minor made extra sure he kept two feet in Round 6. Jamie Arviso Photo

The Minors perhaps leave the least question as to what horses they’ll ride in Las Vegas, with Riley counting on Bob and Brady riding Sug

“If Bob has three legs that are sound, he’ll go,” Riley joked. “He don’t need all four. He’s been amazing for me and I’m thankful to have such a good horse.”

“We didn’t even bring backup horses up here,” Brady said. “Both of them we’re riding, we could ride on two legs and they’d do good. Luckily they’re sound on four legs currently. We have four more nights to get through, then we’ll probably give them a few week break. We’ve been riding them pretty hard for ourselves at home, so we’ll probably give them a little break and start back at Denver at the end of the month.”

While the Minors are already planning for 2020, they’re firmly in the world standings hunt, and if the rodeo ended tonight, they’d end up third in the world (according to the PRCA’s projected world standings). But go-round money and shifts in the average race could all impact the gold buckle race. 

Notably, Kaleb Driggers and Junior Nogueira took their second consecutive no-time in Round 6, dropping them to 10th in the average and fourth and sixth in the world standings race with $153,557.86 and $150,877.22 won on the year. 

With an all-business 4.2-second run good enough for second place and $20,730.77 a man. Jamie Arviso Photo

Clay Smith and Jade Corkill are again firmly the team to beat with a second-place, $20,730.77 a man check in Round 6. They’re now third in the average with a time of 26.70 seconds on five head. Smith has a whopping $234,550.68 won on the year, and Corkill has $192,676.39. They’d be the world champions, as per the PRCA’s projected world standings, if their average placing were calculated into their earnings tonight. They’ve won $84,038.46 each over the last six rounds. 

Brenten Hall and Chase Tryan still lead the average despite a broken barrier in Round 6. Their time of 14.40 in Round 6 still puts them at 38.60 on six head. They’re the only team with all six down, and if the race ended tonight and the average money were calculated into the earnings, they’d finish second in the world standings race. At present, they are seventh and eighth in the world with $139,118.88 and $136,537.40 won, respectively. 

In all-around competition, Smith is now just $2,174.07 behind bull rider (and saddle bronc rider) Stetson Wright. Smith has $245,402.34 to Wright’s $247,576.41. Tuf Cooper has $206,986.33 on the year. TRJ

Full Results: 

1. Riley and Brady Minor, 4.0, $26,230.77 each

2. Clay Smith and Jade Corkill, 4.2, $20,730.77 each

3/4. Clay Tryan and Jake Long, 4.3, $13,326.92 each

3/4. Erich Rogers and Kyle Lockett, 4.3, $13,326.92 each

5. Matt Sherwood and Hunter Koch, 4.6, $6,769.23 each

6. Cody Snow and Wesley Thorp, 4.9, $4,230.77 each

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