USTRC Welcomes Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation as the Official Wildlife Conservation Group
The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation becomes the official wildlife conservation group of the USTRC.

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, a Missoula, Montana-based organization, has been serving outdoorsmen and women and working to protect elk herds and recreational hunters for the past four decades.

“Team ropers recreate outdoors, and horse folks tend to have a natural connection with the land, nature, and the outdoor lifestyle,” said RMEF Chief Revenue Officer Steve Decker. “Many ropers have visited our Hunter & Outdoor Christmas trade show during the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, and we have partnered with the PRCA, NHSRA and PBR for years. An overwhelming number of USTRC ropers hunt and rely on the outdoors, so this seemed like a legitimate next step for RMEF.”

The RMEF represents more than 225,000 members and has been responsible for the protection and enhancement of nearly 9 million acres of elk and other wildlife habitat. Co-founded by a Montana logger, RMEF believes in active forest management, effective grazing methods, management of both predator and prey species and the protection hunting rights.

“We have a multi-prong approach to achieving our goals,” Decker said. “Not only do we work with private landowners as well as public land, we also work on advocating for our members’ interests. Aligning yourself and supporting organizations that match your principles is extremely important. Unfortunately, the issues surrounding land, hunting, gun ownership, species reintroductions and public land access are highly political today and, unbeknownst to many people, there are several groups doing their best to shut down the public’s ability to hunt and continue the lifestyles to which we are all accustomed.”

RMEF works hand-in-hand with state and local cattleman’s associations and other groups who fight the good fight to preserve the outdoor way of life. By keeping a pulse on the ever-changing political climate, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation maintains political prowess when it comes to herd and habitat conservation as well as the rights and future of sportsmen and women by respectfully engaging with the government on local, state and national levels. 

To learn more and to become a member of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, visit RMEF.orgTRJ

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is a member-driven organization that focuses on managing, protecting, and conserving elk, big game hunting, public land access, and outdoor education through its vast local and national partnerships, volunteers, and advocacy efforts.

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