Ward, Hawkins Lead WCRA’s Reliance Ranches 2023 VRQ Bonus Standings
Andrew Ward and Buddy Hawkins are heading in the direction of the $25,000 WCRA Reliance Ranches VRQ Points Champion Bonus.
Andrew Ward and Buddy Hawkins roping a steer at the 2022 WCRA Days of ’47 rodeo.
Last summer, Andrew Ward and Buddy Hawkins showed out at the WCRA Days of ’47 rodeo. | Andersen CBarC photo

Team roping’s consistency kings Andrew Ward and Buddy Hawkins sit at the top of the WCRA’s 2023 Reliance Ranches Virtual Rodeo Qualifier (VRQ) Bonus standings.

Ward has amassed 8,866 points on the head side and Hawkins 9,784.5 on the heels. If they can continue to lead the pack, Ward and Hawkins are on track to take home the $25,000 Reliance Ranches VRQ Points Champion Bonus.

The gap isn’t uncatchable, however. With 6,813.5 points, Kayelen Helton sits second, only 2,052.5 points behind Ward. Lorraine Moreno’s 8,364 points sits her second on the heel side, narrowly behind Hawkins by only 1,420.5 points.

The qualifying events and points period ends November 26, 2023. 

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2023 Reliance Ranches VRQ Bonus Standings

1Andrew Ward 8866Buddy Hawkins 9784.5
2Kayelen Helton6813.5Lorraine Moreno 8364
3Nelson Wyatt6780.75Jessy Remsburg 5296.5
4Beverly Robbins5763.65Sally Ball 5199
5Sydney Ball5289.5Jackie Crawford5036.5
6Martha Angelone 5196.5Kennlee Tate4977.25
7Tracey Nelson 4774.75Jimmi Jo Montera4746.2
8Riley Kittle4746.75Jace Helton4293.25
9Bailey Gubert4644Whitney DeSalvo4289
10Megan Gunter4625.25Kaylee Billingsley 3750.2
11Emma Carrell4407.25Tammy West-White 3719.25
12Kenna Francis 3632Jade Corkill3636
13Madison Webb3628Shane Edmonson 3270
14Kaitlyn Torres 3442.25Rylie Smith3045.5
15Katelyn Perkins 3293.3Stephen Britnell2990.5

Refresher: What Is the VRQ Bonus Program? 

The Reliance Ranches VRQ Bonus pays out cash bonuses to the top four athletes in each discipline who earn the most VRQ points. The collective $405,000 in bonus cash will be available to all athletes who nominate their 2023 rodeo efforts in their respective discipline through the VRQ towards a 2023 WCRA event.

The VRQ points are earned based on the athlete’s finish in each rodeo event. The top four athletes in each discipline with the most VRQ points at the end of the year will be eligible for the bonus.

The payout for the VRQ Bonus program is as follows:

  • First Place: $25,000
  • Second Place: $10,000
  • Third Place: $7,500
  • Fourth Place: $2,500
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