Webb and Williams Catch a Wilderness Circuit Win
Rob Webb and Matt Williams won the Jerome County Fair and Rodeo to move up in the Wilderness Circuit Standings.

Idaho’s Rob Webb and Matt Williams turned their luck around with a win at the Jerome (Idaho) County Fair and Rodeo, held Aug. 9–11, to move them to 11th and 12th in the Wilderness Circuit Standings, respectively, each with $4,790.05 in earnings.

Webb and Williams stopped the clock in 4.8 seconds on a stronger steer to add $1,934 to their earnings.

“We’d been needing something to get us excited again. We had struggled a little bit this summer, so we decided to go on the gas pedal a little bit more,” Webb said. “I shortened my move up just a touch and used the majority of my rope because [the steer] was getting away. Matt heeled him about as fast as he could, and we just finished really well.”

Webb, who won the #13.5 World Series of Team Roping Finale heeling for Dex Maddock in 2019, used a Venom, xs rope, by Fast Back Ropes to get their steer caught and turned for Williams.

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“I think I had just broken that rope in the morning before [Jerome],” Webb said. “It felt just right over there. It has a lot of body. I like my ropes a little bit softer, but with plenty of body so you can feel it.”

Webb and Williams started roping together at amateur rodeos in the summer of 2020 and decided to continue their partnership into the 2021 Pro Rodeo season.

“I called him and talked to him about it, and we decided to try it on for a few. We had a really good summer last year at the amateur rodeos. I was just seasoning my head horse and we decided that we would buy our cards this summer.”

Webb and Williams started the season struggling with scoring problems, the draws they were receiving and more.

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“I was scoring so-so, maybe not always drawing in the top end,” said Webb, who owns and runs Webb Fencing. “There for a couple of weeks we kind of took turns. I might get a barrier, Matt might get a leg—just bad luck is what it comes down to.”

Webb has been heading on a 11-year-old bay gelding named Sunday, whom he purchased from Wes and Becky Tinsley.

“We went up to their house to rope one spring and I had seen him standing in the pen and I kind of quizzed them,” Webb said. “They didn’t want to get rid of him at the time. I told them that if they ever wanted to get rid of him, I would gladly take him. They called me that fall. He is a subpar scorer. He handles cows really well and can really run. He finishes average if I’m being honest.”

In addition to looking forward to the remainder of the Pro Rodeo season, Webb and his wife, Courtney, are also expecting a baby boy on Aug. 25. 

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