Weston Baucom Makes Resistol Jr. Top 5
Resistol Jr.
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Top 5 Takeaways

On the July 25 reporting, header Aiden Perrett maintained his lead with 74 points, while Walker Guy held onto second place with his 56 points. But Weston Baucom led the charge on a Top-5 shake-up for the No. 3 spot with 34 points, while Cole LeMaster eeked into fourth place with 28.

Cooper Stone, falling from his third-place standing, is now in a 27-point tie for fifth with Shayla Hurst.

For the heelers, Houston Childers and Kelby Frizzell remain tied for first with 46 points, and the standings remain the same with Brit Smith and Dean Sherbo keeping their third and fourth-place spots with 43 and 40 points, respectively. 

In a dog fight for fifth, however, are Trigger Hargrove, Landon Lee and Justin Spenrath, each with 29 points.

USTRC’s Resistol Jr Race Heats Up Down South

The Winnings


From North Carolina, Weston Baucom—who turned 13 in July—hit his winning stride at the South Carolina Championships in early June. There, the 3 header roped for second place and 9 points in the #10.5, and for an additional 8 points when he took third place in the #9.5. Later, he clinched the rest of his 34 points when he won the Virginia Championships’ #9.5 for 10 points, and earned an additional 7 points when he placed fourth in the #8.5.

Cole LeMaster, of South Carolina did his battle in entirety at the Virginia Championships. There, the 5.5 header who turned 17 in July, took first in both the #13.5 and the #12.5 for 10 points each. He wrapped up his efforts with a third-place finish and another 8 points in the #11.5 for a total of 28 points and the No. 4 spot in the Resistol Jr. standings.

In fifth place, Cooper Stone keeps his previously earned 27 points, but he’s joined by Tennessee’s Shayla Hurst. The 3 header, who will be 17 this September, started her Top 5 trek in May at the North Carolina Championships, where she took second-place in the #7 for 9 points. In June, she elbowed into the Top 5 by again taking second in the #8.5 and #7, for another 18 points.


Oklahoma’s now-16-year-old Trigger Hargrove joined the fight for fifth, a tie already established by Landon Lee and Justin Spenrath’s 29 points. Hargrove hit the Oklahoma Championships in July, where the 8.5 heeler won the #15.5 and the #12.5 for 10 points each. Then, he earned another 9 points when he won second in the #13. 

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