Who’s Leading the Circuit Team Roping Standings in the 4th Quarter
Pro Rodeo Circuit heading and heeling leaders as of Sept. 3, 2021.

As the season nears its end with only a few more chances to add money to their circuit standings, headers and heelers are kicking it into high gear.

At present, Garrett Tonozzi has the highest earnings out of all the circuit standings. Tonozzi is No. 1 in the Mountain States Circuit Standings with $30,016.44 in total earnings. He is sitting 31st in the PRCA World Standings with $32,300.78 in season earnings.

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Fast Back header Brady Tryan continues to lead the pack on the head side in the Montana Circuit Standings with $20,182.90 in total earnings. With the same earnings, his heeler, Justin Viles, continues to lead the heeling standings.

Brady Tryan Stays Close to Home Leading Montana Circuit 

Now that the Canadians are getting a shot to rope for a spot in their circuit standings, Dawson Graham and Dillon Graham are leading the Canada Circuit Standings with $6,918.07 each.

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With a month left in the Pro Rodeo regular season, Ropers in each circuit are pushing for their shot to rope at their circuit finals in hopes of advancing to the RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo in Kissimmee, Florida, for a National Circuit Year-End Title.

Here is a full, circuit-by-circuit list of the current leaders as of Sept 3, 2021:

Columbia River

Header: Garrett Rogers, $17,992.62

Heeler: Jake Minor, $19,338.58


Header: Blake Hirdes, $9,164.95

Heeler: Wyatt Hansen, $6,702.24


Header: Rhen Richard, $29,605.52

Heeler: Jeremy Buhler, $24,776.23


Header: Brady Tryan, $20,182.90

Heeler: Justin Viles, $20,182.90

Mountain States

Header: Garrett Tonozzi, $30,016.44

Heeler: T.J. Watts, $28,420.32


Header: Derrick Begay, $9,350.44

Heeler: Paden Bray, $6,801.53


Header: Dustin Egusquiza, $24,505.81

Heeler: Travis Graves, $24,505.81


Header: Andrew Ward, $12,732.32

Heeler: Buddy Hawkins II, $12,723.32

Great Lakes

Header: Dalton Turner, $16,220.46

Heeler: Thomas Smith, $16,220.46


Header: Justin Yost, $9,708.50

Heeler: Reno Gonzales, $10,387.50

First Frontier

Header: Darren Morgan, $9,186.26

Heeler: Derek Carey, $8,258.22


Header: Dawson Graham, $6,918.07

Heeler: Dillon Graham, $6,918.07


Headers: Braden Pirrung, $11,163.07

Heeler: Riley Curuchet, $12,812.70

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