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Williams and Hine Bank $48,000 in #11 Shoot-Out at USTRC’s Cinch NFTR
Hali Williams and Bodie Hine were 28.96 seconds on four head to win the #11 Shoot-Out.
Hali Williams and Bodie Hine pose with their prizes for winning the #11 Shoot-Out at the 2018 USTRC Cinch NFTR.
Hali Williams and Bodie Hine were 28.96 seconds on four head to win the #11 Shoot-Out.

Texas header Hali Williams now has back-to-back #11 Shoot-Out wins under her belt, last year with Garrett Chick and in 2018 with Colorado’s Bodie Hine. 

Williams, daughter of eight-time PRCA world champion header Speed Williams turned four steers in 28.96 seconds for Hine, who had never roped with Williams before. They netted $48,000 for their efforts. 

“I was shaking and he was praying as we walked out,” Williams said. “My dad doesn’t say much, but he said ‘Get that kid and rope with him more.'”

They came back fourth call, and while Williams pressed Hine for a game plan, he was tight lipped about what he wanted to do. 

William Kierce

“I asked him what our plan was in the short round, and he said, ‘You do your part I do mine,'” Williams said. “I told him I needed a game plan, but he said the same thing again. I tried to get it on as fast as I could and not do anything stupid. I wanted to give him the best shot to still be winning it. The steer wouldn’t get right, the music was getting Spiderman amped up, and I figured I’d do the best I can and whatever I ended up was the best it could be.”

The partners sat in the back tunnel and watched the next three teams struggle to best their short-round run. 

“I was pretty sure we’d win it because it was pretty tight,” Hine said. “There’s always a chance they can beat you. But we hung on.”

Hine rode a 15-year-old mare he calls Cherokee that came from Trey Buffalo, and plans to use the money to buy more horses and keep entering ropings. 

William Kierce

Williams was aboard a 10-year-old roan gelding, Spiderman, that her dad bought from a customer. 

“Dad came home with this ugly roan, and me and mom were not happy,” William said. “He was so ugly, and he was probably 200 pounds underweight. After three months of Dad riding him, my mom took him. And my sixth grade year, I had a big jackpot and my good horse couldn’t take all the runs. So I asked my mom if I could borrow the roan, and Mom hadn’t got back on him.”

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