Winning Edge: Minor Breaks Down First Round in Logandale, Nevada
Jake Minor breaks down one of his and Garrett Rogers run from the Clark County Fair & Rodeo in Logandale, Nevada.

Situation: Winning run from the first round of the Clark County Fair & Rodeo in Logandale, Nevada 

Time: 4.8 seconds 

Result: Won the round and the average with a time of 15.9 seconds on three head, worth $3,607


Jake Minor

He was really good for the herd. There hadn’t been that much done in the slack that we were in. We were kind of toward the beginning. Some of the steers were strong, but this steer was just perfect—really straight and kind of medium speed. Garrett got out really good, and it seemed like he caught up to him good, making it pretty easy.


I rode my bay horse, Fabio (10). He made it easy right there. I got up there pretty high and caught him fast.


I was pretty happy with the run. It seemed like I got up and around the steer where I could throw fast. It seemed like I had good spacing. I’ve been working on trying not to get too close to where I have to force a shot.


That was actually our first rodeo back. We took a year off from roping, and that was actually our first steer back. It seems like we rope good together. We practiced a couple of times this winter in Arizona. He’s pretty easy to heel behind.

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It’s kind of a faster set-up, I guess. I was surprised that we won the round. The steers seemed like they were a little uneven. They were older, so some of them ran and you kind of had to get by some of them. We drew really good on all three of them.


I was pretty excited because I knew that Garrett usually goes for first. I thought that rodeo was kind of his set-up to be fast. It was a cool win.


I’m looking higher up on the steer. I almost watch the whole picture. I see the hips more than the feet. I’ve kind of changed the last few years but, it seems to help me to see the whole run more than just focusing on the feet. I tried doing that for years and it seemed like it was hard to ride position when I focused on something so specific. 

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