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2023 NFR Round 6: Erich Rogers and Paul Eaves
Erich Rogers and Paul Eaves turned their 2023 NFR around, winning Round 6 with a 3.5.
Erich Rogers and Paul Eaves taking a victory lap for Round 6 of the 2023 NFR.
Erich Rogers and Paul Eaves taking a victory lap for Round 6 of the 2023 NFR. | Jamie Arviso Photo

Prior to Round 6 of the 2023 NFR, Erich Rogers and Paul Eaves had been riding the struggle bus. Three no-times, a leg and one clean run, to be exact. But in the matinee Wednesday, Dec. 13, Rogers and Eaves turned things around in 3.5 seconds to win the round and pick up their first check of this year’s NFR.

Host Chelsea Shaffer sat down with them on The Score to talk about the run, their horses and how they turned things around.

Listen Now:

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