4 Things You Didn’t Know About Luke Brown
Here are four things you may or may not know about this week's guest of The Score, 11-time NFR qualifier Luke Brown.

Luke Brown has now qualified for 12 Wrangler NFRs. The header from Rock Hill, South Carolina, who now resides in Lipan, Texas, with wife Lacy and daughter Libby, sits down in his new home with The Score host Chelsea Shaffer where they cover horses, barrel racing, new partnerships and more. 

On Thursday, October 17, 2019 you can listen to the full interview wherever you listen to podcasts, but for now, enjoy some takeaways from the episode. 

1. Brown has a new stick that may or may not be seen in the Thomas & Mack this December 

“I’ve got a horse I bought a couple weeks ago that came from South Dakota—I think that’s where he originally came from—but I’d been watching him all year. I finally got him bought a couple of weeks ago and I’m pretty excited. He kind of reminds me of Slim more so than any horse I’ve had. I haven’t even tried to go fast on him. I’ve just been jackpotting and went to a few rodeos.” 

2. Brown’s wife is the best partner he’s ever had.

“She’s really hard on me about the horses. She wants blankets on them, regardless. She wants them looking fit and she wants me to ride better. She’s more on that part of it. The roping part, she won’t really say much. She just says I’m being ridiculous. 

3. Luke Brown isn’t just a header. He runs barrels, too. 

“We barrel race every day, now—me and Libby.”

Shaffer asked Brown which one of his horses is his barrel horse and his response was, “Which ever head horse I’m on, but she (Libby) wins every time.”

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4. Luke Brown will be cracking out in the 2020 PRCA Pro Rodeo season with Patrick Smith. 

After the 2018 Wrangler NFR, Luke Brown, who was heading for Jake Long, paired up with 2018 World Champion Heeler Paul Eaves to rope during the 2019 PRCA Pro Rodeo season. Now, Brown and Eaves are splitting up after the end of the 2019 NFR. Brown will pick up Two-time World Champion Heeler Patrick Smith.

“We’ve always talked about roping, it’s just never really worked out. I’ve probably run more steers with him than I have anybody. 

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