Horse Market Report 2024: Billie Jack Saebens’ Industry Outlook on The Score Podcast
Billie Jack Saebens' take on where things stand in the horse market entering 2024.
Billie Jack Saebens podcast
6&Under Heeler R2 Winner Billie Jack Saebens and The Notorious BIG

In the Season 7 premiere of “The Score” with Chelsea Shaffer two-time NFR heeler Billie Jack Saebens joins the conversation to share insights into the world of rope horse breeding programs, buying and selling rope horses and the competitive landscape of rope horse futurities.

Saebens was one of the podcast’s first interviews back in 2018, and that episode has been listened to thousands of times reviewing the early years of Saebens’ career.

This 2024 episode covers a range of topics, including the shifts in the horse market over the last 12 months, the increasing interest in breeding programs, and the evolving preferences of buyers.Saebens provides valuable insights into the growing demand for mares in contrast to the historical preference for geldings, highlighting the financial considerations and the changing landscape of breeding programs. He touches upon the rising trend of investing in stallions and its potential impact on the industry.

The conversation navigates through various aspects, such as Saebens’ experiences with different horses, the challenges of transitioning from futurities to the rodeo arena, and the importance of aligning goals with clients when selling horses. Saebens also shares thoughts on embryo shopping and the gradual acceptance of this practice in the roping community.

Listeners can expect a candid and informative discussion about Saebens’ perspective on the rodeo scene, his personal preferences between heading and heeling, and the strategic planning involved in preparing horses for different aspects of the sport. Shaffer explores Saebens’ rodeo goals for the year, the challenges of finding the right balance between horse shows and rodeos, and the prospects for his horses beyond the futurity stage.

As the episode unfolds, Saebens provides a glimpse into his future plans, the unique characteristics of certain horses he has worked with, and his considerations when selling horses to clients. Shaffer ensures a well-rounded exploration of Saebens’ experiences and opinions, making this episode a must-listen for anyone interested in the intricacies of the roping world.

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