Buying and Selling: Gold Buckle Horse Sale’s Rope Horse Solution
Gold Buckle Horse Sales is setting out to take the uncertainty out of horse shopping. Matt Sherwood and Troy Goeckeritz explain on The Score.
Title Fights livestream
Matt Sherwood winning the Title Fights Open with Logan Cullen in 2023. | Andersen/CBarC Photos

For the everyday rope horse buyer, the horse market is loaded with uncertainty—and Gold Buckle Horse Sales’ Matt Sherwood and Troy Goeckeritz are trying to clear that up.

Who can you trust, and how can you find the best horse for your money? Two-time World Champion Sherwood has been in the team roping business nearly 30 years, and he’s figured out all of the ways to find the best horses AND how to not find the best horses. He brings that knowledge to his new venture alongside businessman Goeckeritz in Gold Buckle Horse Sales, providing a solution to challenges ropers of every level face when buying or selling.

About Gold Buckle Horse Sales: Gold Buckle Horse Sales has come up with a process to take the guesswork out of finding the right horse and allowing both buyer and seller to find the perfect match with confidence. Each horse consigned through the program is professionally photographed, videoed and demoed by a professional Gold Buckle Pro. Learn more at

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