Chace Hitting 2021 in High Gear

Kelsie Chace is on "The Score" as a bonus episode in Season 4 talking about breakaway roping, heeling, horsepower and more, brought to you by the Durango.

We first got to know Kelsie in her capacity as a top heeler in the all-girl ranks from Oklahoma, long before the breakaway explosion rocked the roping world. 

Kelsie Chace wears the Durango Women’s Premium Exotics. Courtesy Durango

Now, Kelsie is on the trail shooting for her first National Finals of Breakaway Roping berth. She’s got eight WPRA world titles to her name already, and she is one of the most respected teachers and competitors in the sport. She was getting ready to teach a clinic at NRS for Smarty when we spoke this week, and we cover how her breakaway roping is affecting her heeling, her rodeo plans for this year, what she’s trying to improve in her roping and more. 

To read the episode transcript click here.


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