Heading Out for the Summer Run with Dustin Egusquiza
The Short Score on June 15, 2021 with special guest Dustin Egusquiza, the 2021 Woodward Elks Rodeo Champion Header, brought to you by USRoper.

Dustin Egusquiza, a three-time NFR qualifier and 2016 Resistol Rookie Header of the Year, won the Woodward (Oklahoma) Elks Rodeo with Travis Graves with a 4.7-second run, adding $4,626 to each of their earnings.

On this episode, Egusquiza talks about when their run at the Woodward Elks Rodeo felt like and his horsepower. Egusquiza also talks about what it feels like to be heading out for the ProRodeo summer run and gives young ropers tips on what they can expect when heading out on the road, brought to you by USRoper.

Want to read the transcript? Click here.

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