He’s Back! Clay Smith Returns to Rodeo After Injury at Prescott
Clay Smith

Clay Smith is back! 

Almost five weeks after breaking his right knee and ankle at the World’s Oldest Rodeo in Prescott, Arizona, Clay Smith’s broken leg isn’t keeping him from winning his first two rodeos back at Abilene, Kansas, and Dodge City, Kansas.

In this bonus episode of “The Score,” brought to you by the Royal Crown, he discusses his return to rodeo with host Chelsea Shaffer.

Listen now:

Highlights from The Score with Clay Smith

  • Smith is using a Magic Seat and is tied-in and forward with a special stirrup to help keep him in the saddle and keep his leg in place.
  • He’s still in a walking cast and on crutches.
  • Doctors wanted Smith to stay in physical therapy for 12 more weeks before riding, but Smith—30th in the World as of August 5, 2022—was determined to jump back into the mix. He figures a $10,000-week will put him right back in the NFR hunt.
  • Smith is currently winning both Abilene, Kansas, and the average at Dodge City, Kansas—his first two rodeos back.
  • Smith also broke his back when he was 15 years old when a horse flipped over on him.
  • To get into the rodeos at this late of notice, Smith entered the calf roping and Brock Hanson entered heading for Jake Long. When Smith realized he could rope, Hanson drew out and Smith swapped into fill that spot.


Freak Accident in Prescott Sidelines Clay Smith’s Summer Run 

How’s Clay Smith Doing, You Ask?

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