The Score BONUS: USTRC National Finals XXXI Day 1 Wrap Up
The Score co-host Kaitlin Gustave sat down with the champions of the #16.5 Shootout, the #15.5 Shootout and the Resistol #14.5 Shootout at the USTRC National Finals XXXI, presented by Cinch, brought to you by Resistol.

A big thanks to our friends at Resistol for bringing you daily wrap ups from the USTRC National Finals XXXI, presented by Cinch.

Day one of the USTRC National Finals showcased some wicked heel shots and big winners. We caught up with the winners of the #16.5 Shootout, Korbin Rice and Josh Patton, who roped four head in 26.22 seconds, worth $20,240, the #15.5 Shootout champions Trevor Hale and Jade Corkill, who roped four head in 27.55 seconds, worth $24,160 and the Resistol #14.5 Shootout championsRowdy Bluemel and Cutter Thomison, who stopped the clock in 27.9 on four head, worth $31,900.

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