The Score Season 1, Episode 18 with Denny Gentry
Creator of both the World Series of Team Roping and United States Team Roping Championships, Denny Gentry is an icon who built the team roping industry into the powerhouse it is today.

World Series of Team Roping President and Active Interest Media Director of Roping Operations Denny Gentry and his wife Connie have shaped the multi-million-dollar team roping industry into what it is today. How did we get here, and where do we go from here? Gentry tells host Chelsea Shaffer where the sport is heading as he prepares for a 2020 retirement. 

More from Denny Gentry: 

Q&A with World Series of Team Roping’s Denny Gentry on American Partnership

How Arizona Became the Hot Spot for Team Roping

Iconic Moments in US Finals History

Connie Gentry: Quietly Changing the Game

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