The Score: Season 2, Episode 12 with BFI Champs Dees and Siggins

JR Dees and Lane Siggins are the 2019 Bob Feist Invitational Champions, and they're on The Team Roping Journal's podcast this week.

Young-guns JR Dees and Lane Siggins picked up $120,000 for out-roping the pack at the 2019 Bob Feist Invitational in Reno, Nevada, and The Score host Chelsea Shaffer caught up with them immediately following their win to catch the excitement of the moment. 

This BFI win marks the biggest of their young careers, catapulting both of the ropers into the summer run with $60,000 a man in their pockets to rodeo on. Dees is currently 25th in the PRCA world standings with $19,549.12, while Siggins is 27th with $18,697.45. 

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