The Score: Season 2, Episode 16 with Walt Woodard
Two-time World Champion Heeler Walt Woodard on The Score, brought to you by Metalab USA, Lami-Cell/Metalab USA and Partrade.

Walt Woordard made some 15 consecutive NFR appearances between 1976 and 1990, and he won a world title in 1981 then again at the age of 52 in 2007, and he’s The Team Roping Journal’s guest on Season 2, Episode 16 of ‘The Score’ podcast.

He’s spent decades sharing his mastery of the game with students across the country and beyond, and he’s made some of the greatest—yet lesser-known—horses in the history of the sport. Last year, with Matt Sherwood, he set the arena record at Rodeo Houston en route to a win there, and this year set the arena record at La Fiesta de Los Vaqueros in Tucson’s second round. With Brooks Dahozy, he just won the California Rodeo Salinas—one of the sport’s most cowboy setups.

But Woodard is quiet, and doesn’t seek the spotlight now at 63. He’s never turned me down for an interview, but he’s never sought one out, either. That’s one of the attributes that makes a conversation like this so valuable. Throughout this conversation, it felt like while candid, each word was carefully curated by a man so skilled at his craft that even a short conversation about heeling steers must be taken with the utmost attention to detail.

Thank you for listening to this interview with two-time gold-buckle winner and $1.5-million heeler, Walt Woodard.

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