The Score: Season 2, Episode 26 with Gary Poythress
Rodeo Computer Service’s Gary Poythress on The Score brought to you by ADM Feed.

Gary Poythress is the brains behind Rodeo Computer Services—the software behind the handicapping system used by the USTRC to establish interstate commerce in the sport of team roping. He’s helped shape the industry, though almost always strictly behind-the-scenes. He’s had a front-row seat to history, helping drive the explosion of the USTRC and eventually the WSTR with the use of his software.

Now, he’s pioneering the new, independent Global Handicaps, the next evolution of team roping’s number system. He took the time to explain how handicapping has evolved and where it’s going on the new platform. If you care about your number, and you’re curious how ropers are raised or lowered, this is a must listen. This new system will provide instant handicap appeals, regional and national event listings, real-time updates from ropings across the country, the most complete analysis on ropers of all levels, and so much more. Gary breaks down the thinking behind it, and his insights will blow you away.

Here’s Rodeo Computer Service’s Gary Poythress.

Read More: The Global Evolution: Introducing Global Handicaps

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