The Score: Season 2, Episode 7: The 1017 Project's Pastor Jordan Weaver

The Score host Chelsea Shaffer talks with Pastor Jordan Weaver about the project that pairs roped-out steers with food banks who need a steady protein source.

This week’s guest on The Score, Pastor Jordan Weaver, of Powell Butte, Oregon, is reshaping the way ropers use their roped out steers, channeling them through his 1017 Project to help feed the hungry.

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Jordan Weaver

Originally from Fort Worth, Texas, Weaver developed The 1017 Project through his Shiloh Ranch Church with his wife Lacey and a team of volunteers absolutely dedicated to the organization’s mission: to provide a sustainable supply of high-quality beef to local food banks and other entities feeding food-insecure families while uniting the culture of each local community we serve.

The 1017 Project routinely feeds homeless people, kids from low-income households through school programs and families considered “food insecure.” As The 1017 Project team—which also includes Administrator Holly McLane—puts it, “Food insecurity applies to anybody who’s skipping a meal to pay an electric bill. Food banks have such a difficult time getting protein. This hamburger complements the rest of what’s in these food pantries, and makes so many more meals possible.”

Since The 1017 Project launched five years ago, it has provided people with more than 65,000 pounds of premium beef and much-needed—and appreciated—protein. Pretty amazing for a community church in sweet, little, old Powell Butte, Oregon, population 1,768. 

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