The Short Score: Season 3, Episode 30 with Pastor Jordan Weaver
Pastor Jordan Weaver joins The Score host Chelsea Shaffer on The Short Score, brought to you by ADM Animal Nutrition, to talk about the dire need food banks are facing, and how team ropers are uniquely positioned to help as 2020 comes to a close.

 this Giving Tuesday, we wanted to bring Pastor Jordan Weaver onto the show to talk about the dire need food banks are facing, and how team ropers are uniquely positioned to help as 2020 comes to a close. You’ve heard Jordan about the 1017 Project on this show before, but now they’ve expanded to Alvarado, Texas, and they’re bringing more meat to those facing food insecurity than ever before. This conversation is so near and dear to our hearts, and the sentiments and perspective Jordan shares are just the hope we needed today. If you only ever listen to one episode of The Score, we hope this is it. 

[Donate to The 1017 Project]

Information on food insecurity and The 1017 Project

  • According to the USDA’s latest Household Food Insecurity in the United States report, more than 35 million people in the United States struggled with hunger in 2019.
  • Many households that experience food insecurity do not qualify for federal nutrition programs and need to rely on their local food banks and other hunger relief organizations for support.
  • To date, The 1017 Project has donated over 130,282 lbs. of meat to food banks, shelters and pantries in Oregon, Arizona and Texas. (So far in 2020 donated over 42,000 lbs. from 128 head of cattle–19 head donated by ranchers)
  • That’s 521,128 meals since 2014.
  • The 1017 Project has over 50 food banks and pantries in rotation to receive beef each month. 
  • Since COVID began The 1017 Project has increased food bank donations by 200%
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