2023 Breeder's Guide Program: Cross 4 Performance Horses

Cross 4 Performance Horses is featured in The Team Roping Journal's 2023 Breeder's Guide, highlighting industry-best rope horse breeding programs, studs and incentives.

Cross 4 Performance Horses is a family affair for the Kremers. | Courtesy Cross 4 Performance Horses

Cross 4 Performance Horses
Cody, Wyoming

Cross 4 Performance Horses is a family operation for Doug and Lacey Kremer and their four children. Throughout their 25-year marriage, Doug and Lacey Kremer have raised their own horses to use but Cross 4 Performance Horses truly began with the recent addition of a second stallion prospect, Famous, who is currently in reining training.

“Our daughter is the spearhead to all of this,” Lacey laughed.

Seven years ago, a then 9-year-old Audrey talked her parents into purchasing a dark brown, month-old stud colt they would name MrBuddyToYou. Never thinking about keeping him a stud at the time, the Kremers’ minds were changed thanks to his striking good looks, awesome demeanor and incredible versatility.

Used everywhere from the breakaway at youth rodeo events, to team roping on both ends, to the tie-down roping at PRCA rodeos and even a little dressage work recently, Buddy is the lynchpin of the operation.

“We rely on him a lot because he is so easy and enjoys working,” Lacey said of Buddy’s still-in-progress performance career. His progeny are showing the same willingness.

Cross 4 is truly a family operation with all four of the Kremer kids—Cayle, 23, Colton, 21, Audrey, 16, and Mary, 11— involved with both the physical work as well as gaining exposure to the business aspects.

“It’s really cool seeing our kids take part,” Lacey said.

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