2023 Breeder's Guide Stallion: Bobby Glo Harlan

Bobby Glo Harlan is featured in The Team Roping Journal's 2023 Breeder's Guide, highlighting industry-best rope horse breeding programs, studs and incentives.

Running M Farms, Standing at Northside Animal Clinic
West Haven, Utah

STUD FEE: $1,500

SIRE: CSR Dual Glo
DAM: Harlans Bobbi Jo by Jodie Bob Harlan

Bobby Glo Harlan

Dr. David Moss wasn’t looking for a stallion when he came across Bobby Glo Harlan’s for-sale ad. But after curiosity sparked Dr. Moss to call Benny and Susan Scarberry, he shortly became the new owner of the 2016 bay stallion.

A product of Bobby Lewis’ training program, Bobby Glo Harlan is no stranger to the winner’s circle. Joseph Harrison showcased the stallion’s aptitude in the heeling by winning the 2020 AQHA Junior Heeling and the 2020 Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Junior Heeling. In 2021, the young stallion went back to training, but this time for heading. It wasn’t long before Bobby Glo Harlan started winning on the other end as well, becoming the 2021 Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Junior Heading Champion, 2022 AQHA Reserve World Champion in Senior Heading, and 2022 AQHA Reserve World Champion in L2 Senior Heading.

With a limited number of offspring on the ground, there’s excitement stirring around the upcoming prospects. Dr. Moss is hopeful that Bobby Glo Harlan’s offspring possess the same trainability as their sire.

“I think his ospring could do just about anything,” Dr. Moss said. “His family is full of winners in the roping arena, and we look for him to carry on that legacy.”

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