2022 Breeder’s Guide Stud: Big Lew
Big Lew, a $638,878 track earner and Los Alamitos Super Derby champion for Reliance Ranches, owned by Lazy E Ranch, is featured in The Team Roping Journal's 2022 Breeder's Guide, highlighting industry-best rope horse breeding programs, studs and incentives.

Big Lew

Lazy E Ranch

Guthrie, Oklahoma

Lazyeranch.net, 405-282-3437

Stud Fee: $2,500

Big Lew inherited the rich color of his sire, the late Corona Cartel, who earned well over $50 million in Quarter Horse racing. But Big Lew himself raced to $638,878 on the track and won the Los Alamitos Super Derby for Reliance Ranches. He’s owned by the Lazy E Ranch in Guthrie, Oklahoma.

“I got to go in the saddling paddock with him before he ran and got to be with him after he ran,” said Bobby Mote, rope-horse trainer for Lazy E’s parent company. “He was super calm, almost to the point that, when they were going to the starting gates, his tail was dragging the ground and the pony horse was jigging. They ponied him with a mare, too, and he was a perfect gentleman. He’s so laid back and so calm and quiet.”

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What’s more, Big Lew stayed sound throughout his long racing career.

“He never got hurt, never chipped a knee, never had a breeding issue,” Mote said. “Nothing kept him off the track, which is so uncommon. He’s got good feet, he’s not huge and he’s not disproportioned anywhere. He could have been a barrel horse, head horse or calf horse. He’s really put together good and really good-minded. We bred one of our own mares to him—that’s how much I think of him.”

At just 15 hands, Big Lew is the ideal cross on cow-horse and race-bred mares for ropers looking to add speed to their programs. He’s eligible for the Ruby Buckle and several other incentives.

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