Ask the Pros - Timing is Everything

Dear Richard,
I’m a heeler and my problem is I tend to hit the front foot of the steer when I throw my loop. Some say I’m too close to the steer or others say I’m too flat on my swing. Can you explain to me what you think?
Confused heeler,
McAllen, Texas

Dear Heeler,
You’re probably not in time with the steer. You’re probably throwing when his front legs are back and his back legs are forward. You want to try to throw when his back legs are back. When his back legs are back it gives you more room in between the steer’s legs for the loop to go in there. If you’re too close, you can always try to lead with your tip. Try to make your tip go in first and then set your bottom strand on the ground. The main part would be to get in time with your steer.

Richard Durham

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