Breaking Into The Top Five: Holly Ricken
Holly Ricken, of Boone, Colorado, breaks into the Cinch Ladies Standings Top 5 with a powerhouse month of roping in May.

Heading into May, Holly Ricken, a 4.5 header, had yet to win any USTRC earnings. That month, she swooped into the Top 5 when she won $1,850 at the Southern Colorado Classic, followed by another $5,715 earned at the Mile Hi Truck Roping (where she also scored a brand new truck)—giving her the 5-place spot with a total of $7,565. In addition to her US earnings, Ricken headed into June by locking down her World Series Finale qualification when she took first for $4,010 at the World Series’ Pueblo #8.5 Qualifier.

Head Game

One of my biggest struggles has been my head game. So, I’ve been working on that over the winter, and I’ve just wanted to keep that part right. I’m trying to not freak out at the short round, when I’ve got some good ones down, and trying to keep a positive game and keep roping every steer and doing the best I can for my partners. I’ve had a little more success this year by entering smart and just keeping my head right.


I rode a couple different horses at the Rope the Rockies Mile Hi Roping, but the yellow dun I’ve got, he’s really nice. I love him to death. His name’s Danger, because he’s got it in him when he wants. He’s not always a good guy, but he knows his job and does it really well. He came with that name, and it sounds like he may have come across it pretty honestly, but he’s been really good to us.

New Mounts

I’ve also got a sorrel horse that’s a little bit older, so I’ve actually just bought a few new horses that I’m excited to try out. What I really looked for in these horses was good scoring, hard running, good to be around and can handle cattle. They’ve got to be pretty automatic. Horses are hard to come by and I like horses that know their job.

2019 Goals

In the past few years, I’ve been hit or miss, and my two horses had been standing around. I was going to local jackpots, but wasn’t going to US or World Series ropings. This year, I wanted to qualify for the Finale in Vegas. I accomplished that in Pueblo. I just wanted to hit some of the bigger ropings harder. We don’t travel too far, but we’ve been lucky to have some really good ones close to here.

Roping Heritage

I grew up roping. From way back when I was a little itty-bitty, with my grandpa and my uncle, they taught me to rope. And, my brother continually drives me and pushes me. It’s a family way.

Our son ropes and rodeos, so we’re non-stop busy. My husband just started roping. We bought Danger for him to heel on, so, my husband’s just getting going as a 3, but he’s enjoying it. It’s fun to share those experiences in the arena.

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