Buckle Up with Tyler Wade
T-Wade wins a major goat-roping title.

For the last two years, Bob’s Cowboy Bar and Rodeo Room in Guymon, Okla., has hosted a goat roping during the Guymon Pioneer Days. Last year, Dakota Kirchenschlager was the high point roper. His prize? An early 1991 Chevy van, affectionately dubbed “Keystone” by the roughstock riders who had traveled in it for years before handing it over as a goat roping prize. 

“Last year, me, Dakota K. and Kinney won every hole,” Wade said, “Dakota won a van for winning high point last year. But Dustin Davis and I won it this year. I think they had like 300 teams. His van is going to break down someday soon, but I’ll get to wear this buckle forever.”

As the night went on this year, most contestants threw caution to the wind trying to out do one another on each nanny.

“We were seeing who could be the fastest, period,” Wade said. “We were barely trying to catch. Me and Dustin were 3.5 seconds on three with me heeling.” 

The goat-roping win came at a time when Wade needed a pick-me-up after a rough spring run. 

“It was the only thing I’ve won in those three weeks, and it was heeling and it was at a goat roping,” Wade laughed (though he was mostly serious). “I’ve been sporting this one ever since. It’s got a way better story behind it than any other buckles I own. I rubbed it in Dakota’s face all night—he got a van and I got a sweet buckle.” 

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