Crawford Adds WRWC All-Around Title to Resume
Jackie Crawford clinched the WCRA Rodeo's Women's Rodeo World Championships All-Around Title before the Main Event began at the AT&T Stadium.

Before the WCRA Rodeo’s Women’s Rodeo World Championships Main Event even began, Stephenville, Texas’s 19-time World Champion Jackie Crawford claimed the prestigious All-Around title with a total of 1,520 points from the heading, heeling and breakaway roping events.

“It’s kind of weird how it all worked out,” Crawford said. “I got mad that I didn’t qualify in the breakaway fast enough, but man, it let me keep going. I just kept being out of going ahead and making it to the top 24. I kept racking up points a little bit. Honestly, most of the points came from the heeling in the regular pool. It was just something that I thought I would hope to get some bonus points in. It worked out in my favor.”

Crawford set her sights on the prize once she got the news that this event was going to happen, which made her pick back up the heeling event.

“I guess the feeling is proud and excited,” she said. “I think that was something that I set my sights on as soon as I heard about it because I’ve always found pride in winning the all-around. When I heard that this had an all-around and that it actually paid what it paid I was like, ‘oh game on.’ I had to start back heeling and kind of get my ducks in a row for this.”

Though the heeling hasn’t been one of Crawford’s main events this past year, she qualified to rope at the AT&T Stadium heeling for Ruby Magnus, daughter of PRCA header Tyler Magnus, heeling on four-time NFR qualifier Joseph Harrison’s great sorrel heel horse Main Street Boon. Harrison rode the horse the first year he heeled at the Finals for Crawford’s husband Charly  

“Joseph is a good friend of mine,” she said. “I went to his house to get help with my heeling for this event. I wanted help with my young horse and tips for myself. I got to telling him how much everything paid and what it was going to be and he was not comfortable with me riding a young horse for that much money. He kept kind of mentioning it and finally he was like, ‘You just need to come get Street and ride that son of a buck there.’ I just thought that he was joking, but it turns out he was serious. I kind of tried to ride another one of his that maybe wasn’t as valuable and he was like, ‘No, I don’t trust it. This one is going to do good,’ which is true because he had already taken a victory lap in this arena. That horse is incredible. I joked about it today and said, ‘he’s not as good as I thought he was, it’s that horse.’ It was all Street.”

Cutting Royalty: Harrison’s Main Street Disappointed in Cutting, Excelled at Heeling 

Crawford, who is five months pregnant, plans on sitting on the $20,000 paycheck after Sunday, Nov. 15, 2020 as she prepares to rope at the inaugural National Finals of Breakaway Roping in December, and then she will lay low as she prepared for the birth of her daughter, Journey Crawford.

“I’m going to stash it back and try to live on it until April because I can’t do much else. It’s definitely the biggest all-around title that I’ve won. Baby Journey-girl is coming in March. It won’t take me telling her a whole lot. She’ll be able to see the pictures and see the articles and realize that it was a really big deal. As soon as Sunday hits I’ll be done team roping and just try to breakaway and rope at the NFR and then be done—kick my heels up. After Dec. 13 I am out of commission until pretty much anything.”

Crawford knows that it has taken many years to get women in the breakaway, and now the team roping, on the same stage as the professional cowboys and roping for equal money. And she thanks those who came before her and those who will come after her.

“There would be separate things that I would have to say. The biggest thing would be to the women before us because they weren’t blessed with what we’re getting to do right now, but they were the ones that paved the way. That means so much to me. I just want the little girls behind us. As big as we’re getting to be don’t be scared to dream bigger. That’s all we ever did. We love our sport and we thought to just keep driving and keep moving forward. Now it’s opened up doors. If you can dream it up, do it.” 

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