The End of an Era

Spin To Win Rodeo says so long to Art Director Trisha Miller.

Today, we sat down to send our December issue to press--and while you might not all realize it, this marks the end of an era. Our art director of eight years, Trisha Miller, began her new job today, leaving December 2016 as the final issue of Spin To Win Rodeo she designed. 

Trisha Miller Spin To Win Rodeo

We're confident her work and her spirit have set us apart all these years, and her flexibility has allowed us to do our jobs better and tell cowboys' stories more fully than we could have hoped. While Trisha was on our staff, we had the freedom to cover events just hours before deadline, and we won award after award for the look of the magazine. 

Trisha helped wrangle cowboys on photo shoots and was always the one to ask them nicely to take off their sunglasses so our readers could see their eyes in each shot. We'll sure miss her in every aspect of our work. 

We hope to stay looking sharp without Trisha's mastery, staying true to her design sense going forward. In the meantime, join us in saying a big THANK YOU to the woman who kept us looking good for so long.