Freeze Frame with Kyle Lockett

Lockett walks us through this photo from the RAM National Circuit Finals in Kissimmee, Florida.


This was the second round of the RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo in Kissimmee, Florida, and we were a no-time on the first one. We didn’t really have a chance to get back into it, but we thought we might be able to make it back on one if we were really fast. So, either way, we were going for the go-round.


4.4 seconds


First in the go-round, worth $6,254 a man 

a) Steer

We knew the steer was a pretty good steer. He’d gone left and was slower the first time.

b) Set Up

It’s a little arena, and a shorter set up. A guy has to be aggressive on the head end to make everything go smooth and easy. Blake (Teixiera) got a great start and was aggressive, and he stuck it on him fast so I was able to get a fast heel shot.

c) Horse

That’s StinkyÑthere’s no tricks to him. In that little building, he’s fast so I can hang in the box a little so I don’t have to push the steers left.

d) Left Hand

I can ride a tight rein and keep him up in my hand. You can ride around to the end of it on Stinky.

e) Feet

As far as my feet go, I squeeze through the stop. Because he is fast and it’s a littler set up, I try to just sit in the middle and be square and just squeeze around the corner.

f) Shot

That steer set up and hit, not dragging but down in the ground. He came up out of it, and that’s why I got him around the belly. Just the steer’s hop brought it around the belly. When roping one around the belly works, it’s great because it comes tight faster. But it can jerk your dally away from you. I was able to start my dally before it came tight, that’s why we got such a good finish and why our time was so fast.

g) On Purpose

Some guys might say or think they can rope one around the belly on purpose, but I’d say BS on it. There’s times when you find it happens, but it usually happens because there’s a lot of bottom strand out there and it whips it around the hips. If you’re trying to do it, you’re worried about the wrong thing. n

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