The Greatest Heelers to Have Never Won a Gold Buckle
We asked our Facebook fans to tell us.

Jake Griffith Kory Koontz. He’s already a champion, just doesn’t have the gold buckle. Had Jake Barnes not cut his thumb off, he would probably have won. Every time you see him in Vegas, he’s smiling whether he’s winning or not. He has the heart of a lion, and is a role model for anyone who’s ever roped a steer.

Harlee Jo Koontz My daddy & hero, the great Kory Koontz!

JR Dees The great Matt Zancanella!!!!

Mike Vaughn That’s a tough one—Cory Petska, Kory Koontz, Martin Lucero are all great heelers. I can’t pick one over the other.

Timothy Podskoc Koontz, Lucero, Petska, or Brad Culpepper are all great heelers never to get at least one!

Mark Shea Mackey JD Yates hands down—he is also one of the very best rope horse trainers in the country!!

Chris Gabel Koontz, Bockius, and perhaps Rickey Green…

Brad Reynolds Kory Koontz. But he ain’t through yet I don’t think.

Tiffany Thomas No doubt it is Kory Koontz.

Devon Pellum Cesar de la Cruz all day.

William Earl McBride No contest—JD Yates….

Leo Amado Kory Koontz. Too bad Iceman isn’t around, he would have had it done by now.

Cade Bray Martin Lucero and KK. I would say Petska, but he’s got a long career left.

Kelly Smallwood It is the only thing Kory Kootz hasn’t won, but then again he isn’t done yet. He is the only one to rival Clay O as the greatest ever, even without the gold buckle.

Lyndia Loppe We would love to see J.D. make another run for the title with his son Trey this time.

Michael Gonzales Mr. Kory Koontz—no doubt one of the best in his game and he will get that gold buckle. I only knew Kory a short time in my younger years, but he has that good Koontz blood in him. His daddy was a friend of my dad’s. Never saw either of them quit until they got what they busted their butt for—God Bless, my brother, keep slinging that rope!!!!!

Jim Caldwell Matt Sherwood. Always thought he heels better than he heads.

Steve-Nancy Heiden Byron Wilkerson

Lisa Johnson Mills She doesn’t have a gold buckle but she is my hero and the best Heeler I know—Ashley Mills!! But then, who else is a mom to choose!!!

Lyndon Acord Michael Jones

Kory Mytty Kory. Besides, he has probably the coolest name I have ever heard!!!

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